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Lifting Leadership Limitations
Lifting Leadership Limitations

Working With Us

Where do we start?

  • Step 1: Meet us. Like us. Or not. If not, no harm, no foul. Not everybody does. We can still part friends and we won't call again if you don't want us to.
  • Step 2: Help us understand your current business situation and your goals. We will ask a lot of questions and do a lot of listening. 
  • Step 3: We will provide you with a written assessment of what we heard you tell us so we can make sure we are clear about your needs and expectations. Together we will revise it if we missed the target in any way.

  • Step 4: We will lay out an approach to lifting the lids we conclude are the most critical. We will agree on the approach or revise it as required.

  • Step 5: We will lay out a schedule and your required investment, both in our fees and your time.

  • Step 6: You have to make a decision whether to engage us. Our desire is to give you a 10x or better return on your investment and prove to be highly valuable team members.


How long will this take?

  • We can move through these steps pretty quickly, but we will only move as fast as our relationship will allow. We would rather spend more time with you making sure we understand your needs up front than find out we missed the target after we've started. We both lose when that happens.
  • Lifting your lids, whatever they may be, will take a lifetime. The first project, however, may take a few days...or a few months. We won't know until we've gone through this process.
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