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Lifting Leadership Limitations
Lifting Leadership Limitations


I have skills, knowledge and experience in a broad range of leadership and general management areas, particularly:

  • Strategic planning is a process, not an event. I am highly skilled at facilitating planning excercises, having facilitated dozens of strategic planning initiatives for organizations, large and small, for-profit and non-profit, in a number of different industries.


  • "Six-Sigma" and "Lean" are not principles reserved for the Fortune 500. I can help you leverage these concepts for improving processes in your small business. Six-Sigma need not cost six-figures!


  • Military officers (I was one) are required to be students of leadership. This includes developing other leaders -- my passion and one of my core competencies.


  • Understanding the needs of your customers and systematically driving those requirements through the design of your processes is a critical skill. I am a systems thinker and exceptional at designing systems that work.


  • Business leaders are always solving problems and making critical decisions, but quite often in haphazard ways. I bring structure and efficiency to the process.


  • Speed is essential in business today. Teams are inherently slow. I have been building high performance teams for over 25 years.
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