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Lifting Leadership Limitations
Lifting Leadership Limitations

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I am a proud graduate of Auburn University (WAR EAGLE, y'all!) with a degree in civil engineering. I spent my first ten years out of school as an Air Force officer, leading project teams on military system development programs including the F-22 Raptor air superiority fighter and the Titan IV heavy space launch vehicle. After leaving the Air Force, I spent nine years in progressive operations leadership positions with Genus, Inc. and Tokyo Electron Limited, companies that developed, manufactured, and supported capital equipment used in the fabrication of computer chips. I have also led strategic planning and people development initiatives while working for a large non-denominatonal Christian church.

After more than twenty years of proven leadership results as a project manager, line manager and executive, I realized that running projects and organizations was not my passion. Helping those that do is what I love. I now use my creativity, talents, and passions with clients of all sizes in a variety of industries, helping them to leverage their existing resources and talents to achieve improved results.

Pure and simple, my passion is building up leaders. I am at my absolute best working with individual leaders, small groups and teams (leadership, workgroup, or cross-functional), delivering content, asking probing questions, and facilitating self-discovery. My clients experience release of previously untapped capabilities within themselves, their processes, and their organizations.

I spend most of my time in Fort Collins. My wife, Tiina (that's right -- spelled with two i's), and I have been married over 32 years. We have two adult children, a son-in-law and a daughter-in-law we adore, and five grandchildren who bring incredible joy to our lives as we watch them grow.

When I'm not working in or on my business, being husband, dad or grandpa, I enjoy serving my church community, swimming laps to keep up my Atlas body (HA!), doing Sudoku and Kakuro puzzles, camping, and fishing. I love to catch a day on skis, on a snowboard, or SCUBA diving, but they don't happen as frequently as I would like.

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